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Dabima's packages support each stage of the higher education journey

Dabima is built to support you wherever you are in your higher education journey. Whether you're exploring colleges that align with your preferences, crafting your statement to articulate your unique narrative, or ensuring every application requirement is fulfilled, Dabima guides you through every step of the process. 



Perfect for students looking for a personalized view of more than 2,000 colleges

Access the most powerful personalized college search engine available:

Unlimited search across more than 2,000 four year colleges

Easily assess fit based on a simple A, B, or C grading score

Easily assess your chances of admission (Likely, Target and Reach)

Personalized costs and financial fit

Curated content from experts on researching colleges and creating the perfect personal essay

Share lists with your network of friends, family, and counselors to get feedback and ideas

Track up to 3 colleges

Freshmen & Sophomores

Per month


12 months

Perfect for students and families looking to get a head start on their higher educational journey

Investigate and begin to build your story. You get everything with First Step and:

Track an unlimited number of colleges

Personalized plan with tasks to support your early journey which includes:

• Investigating schools

• Building your personal story

• Tracking extracurricular activities

• Learning about financial aid

Your Locker - organizes everything

Collaboration - unlimited number of feedback users to help along the way

Month-to-month commitment - cancel anytime!



Juniors & Seniors



Per month

12 months


15% off


One time

Perfect for students and families looking for help with the entire process - from building your list to applying to enrollment

Your guide throughout the entire process. You get everything with the Jump Start package and:

College selection list

Common App development

The Dabima Apply Suite

• Every application requirement

• All deadlines

• Supplemental essay tracking

• Financial Aid requirements

• All follow-up tasks

Inside Dabima Dog tips on colleges - it's like talking to an expert!

Dabima Expert Team access (Q&A)

Lasts the entire duration of your application process - from now until July 2025!


Juniors & Seniors

12 months


Per month



15% off

One time


Perfect for students and families looking to get 1:1 support for the most critical parts of the process

You get everything with the Apply Essentials package and:

Select Your Colleges 1:1 add-on

Create Your Personal Essay 1:1 add-on

Complete the Common App 1:1 add-on

Application Submission add-on

Meet your Dabima expert before you commit!

Enterprise Pricing Available

For Colleges, High Schools, and CBO's click below for more info:

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