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A New Way to Expand Access to Higher Education 

A diverse student body that thrives in each college’s unique environment is essential. Colleges can demonstrate their commitment to access and equity by offering a Dabima subscription to prospective students ensuring they have the resources and support required to reach their higher education goals.

      This is Dabima

Here’s an example of how Dabima can work with a college:
Web page Icons.png
Web page Icons.png
Web page Icons.png
Web page Icons.png

A college wants to enroll more students eligible for Pell Grants

The college sends out communication to those students with complimentary access to Dabima

​The student signs up for Dabima and has access to all the tools they need to navigate the college application process

The college tracks if that student applies, accepts, and matriculates.

By partnering with Dabima, colleges can distinguish themselves from a noisy environment - clearly demonstrating to their inquiry pool a commitment to all students regardless of their income level.  Colleges can partner with Dabima to achieve their equity and access goals at scale.

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