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Welcome to Dabima

Imagine a single, personalized hub that guides students and families along their higher education journey - from initial exploration to enrollment.  Where college fit and total cost of attendance are based on them. Every document, deadline, requirement, task, and piece of feedback is dynamically managed in one place. Where high school counselors can easily track progress across all their students and do more with the limited time they have. Where colleges and community-based organizations can provide access to prospective students across all income levels. 


         This is Dabima

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Dabima Core

Join the movement that is bringing top-tier support to everyone’s higher educational journey - all for the price of a streaming service!

The only solution that comprehensively tracks every deadline, organizes every application task, simplifies collaboration, and shows you colleges in terms of YOU!


Dabima Core

Unleash Your College Potential!

Supercharge your college dreams and ace your college journey!

  • Step-by-step guidance for every task from selection to essay writing to completing the application to submission to follow-up

  • Find your perfect college match with Dabima’s fit assessment and suggestions

  • Look at colleges in terms of you - from assessing your acceptance chances to estimating the total cost of attendance

  • Track all deadlines and application requirements in one place

  • Craft a winning personal essay

  • Navigate the tricky financial aid process

  • Organize and simplify collaboration

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