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Premium college advice shouldn't cost a fortune


Build your college list with Dabima’s world-class search engine


Work with experts to create the perfect application


Learn how financial aid can bring college tuition within reach

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What is Dabima?

Dabima is your virtual college advisor and personal assistant in one! We track every requirement and deadline, guiding students, families, and counselors through the complex college application process.

Making it easy to apply to college

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Requirements & Deadlines
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Dabima makes sure you know what you need to do by when!

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Collaboration and Expert Advice

Dabima enables you to seamlessly work with parents, counselors and

our experts to create the perfect application.

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View colleges in terms of you! Dabima shows you fit, your chances of getting in, location and even price based on your details. 

Personalized College Search
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How can Dabima help me?


Dabima supports you in navigating the college application process and pursuing your dreams


Dabima makes the complex process of applying to college simple for you and your teen


Dabima makes collaboration easy for you and your students

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