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Track everything you need to do to apply to college

Every college’s unique requirements and deadlines tracked for you

Customized views for parents and teens to ensure tasks are completed on time


Easy collaboration between parents, teens, and counselors


What is Dabima?

Dabima is your virtual college advisor and personal assistant rolled into one

  • Personalized college search powered by the most comprehensive database of information available

  • Tools that track every deadline and application requirement

  • Your customized action plan where every step is explained by college counselors

  • Powerful collaboration tools to work with parents, peers and counselors

  • Access to experts for 1:1 help when you need it

How can Dabima help me?


Dabima supports you in navigating the college application process and pursuing your dreams


Dabima makes the complex process of applying to college simple for you and your teen


Dabima makes collaboration easy for you and your students

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