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Dabima Core

Join the movement that is bringing top-tier support to everyone’s higher educational journey - all for the price of a streaming service!

The only solution that comprehensively tracks every deadline, organizes every application task, simplifies collaboration, and shows you colleges in terms of YOU!


Dabima Core

$19 per month

Unleash Your College Potential!

Supercharge your college dreams and ace your college journey!

  • Step-by-step guidance for every task from selection to essay writing to completing the application to submission to follow-up

  • Find your perfect college match with Dabima’s fit assessment and suggestions

  • Look at colleges in terms of you - from assessing your acceptance chances to estimating the total cost of attendance

  • Track all deadlines and application requirements in one place

  • Craft a winning personal essay

  • Navigate the tricky financial aid process

  • Organize and simplify collaboration

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